What can we see in the Grandmasters Tower?

So the new Thor Ragnarok trailer released last weekend and as usual people study it and pick it apart as if it's a crime scene.
But could they have possibly found something. Have a look at the picture of the Grandmasters tower below, can you make out the heads of Beta Ray Bill , Man Thing and Aries?

This may be just a nod to the fans, etching images of the past warriors into the tower. However if anyone has seen Planet Hulk the animated film you know that Beta Ray Bill turns up as the Grandmasters champion. Would love to see Beta Ray Bill in the MCU how cool would that be ! He is a big fan favourite!
It could also explain if Thor gets a new hammer, Stormbreaker perhaps, after Mjonir gets destroyed by Hela.

We shall see , first Beta Ray Bill is Thor 337, just saying 🙂