Minecraft SDCC Ashcan

So we've all heard of Minecraft my kids go mad for it ! If you haven't heard about it you've been living in a cave !

There was some news last year that a film was being produced for the popular video game staring none other that Jason Momoa!
So you have to ask yourself what is the first appearance of minecraft in comics?
Well it was this , Dark Horse got the rights to produce minecraft comics and at the San Diego Comic Con in 2018 they started giving out an ashcan comic for the popular video game.

The comic was only 4 pages long previewing the adventures of individuals in the minecraft world.

Being only 4 pages and very thin these comics would have been stuffed into pockets , bags etc..

This means that high grade examples of these ashcans are incredibly rare. At the time of writing only 35 of these are on the CGC census with 25 of them graded at a 9.8. The books are so thin you really have to take care of them and pressing them is difficult. There's only a handful of copies on eBay so get one at a decent price if you can!

There's 2 different versions I believe the one with the barcode was given out at Walmarts in the US as a promotion, it also has a blue back cover and the one without the barcode is the SDCC version with a yellow back cover which I believe is the true 1st , but both are very rare!

The films original release date was meant to be in March 2022 but due to covid the slated date is now October 2023. We haven't heard much news in terms of marketing but its very much still a thing and we should be expecting announcements very soon.

Minecraft is the biggest selling video game ever rivalling Sonic and Super Mario Bros and we all know how much in demand those comic appearances are.
I think this comic is a big sleeper but only time will tell !

Go Minecraft !