And thats it for SDCC for another year!

And I myself am knackered. I've spent most of my weekend reading tweets and watching SDCC comic panel videos, trying to pick out individual items of interest. I've watched what must be a light year of peoples' mobile phone footage and Instagram posts. But yeah, I've enjoyed it. The wife hasn't but I have ­čÖé

Some great highlights from this year. The Thor trailer was amazing, loved the play between Hulk and Thor. Hulk raging fire!! Thor smouldering fire!

Justice League Trailer was cool, good to see Stepenwolf in his world destroying glory. Bound to be an intro for Thanos, I mean Darkseid. Can't wait for the black suit Superman to show up in the next trailer. Well done DC, they showed that they are in the game by announcing a whole set of films for the coming year. Just make them good ! No make them great!

Jason Momoa just looks cool as Aquaman and is going to put a new spin on a lame character. The Flash film is going to be Flashpoint which could really change things big time and Affleck may be replaced by Negan(Jeffrey Dean Morgan), hopefully with less bad language so I can take my kids to see it. Lets hope he doesn't have a barbed wire baseball bat!

Captain Marvel announced that we're going to get the Skrulls in the MCU and it's based in the 90's. Some sort of time manipulation going on there, what could do that? Time gem maybe , sorry time stone! Ant Man and Wasp get some cool supporting characters with Laurence Fishburne (Giant Man) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Janet Van Dyne). There was also some cool footage from the Black Panther movie, another film I'm really looking forward to.

The illegal Infinity War video was very cool even if it was at an angle and there was a large head blocking most of the view.┬áCaptain America is growing a beard and is going to be called Nomad and Thor ends up as a bug on the Guardians of the Galaxy space ship windshield. Great to see them all working together, especially liked Doctor Strange creating platforms for Starlord to jump on ­čÖé Liked the shot of Wakanda with the Winter Soldier amongst the Wakandia warriors , I see they woke him up for the party!┬áWould've liked to have seen the black order that we all know is coming! But let's wait for the proper trailer!

But all in all a good weekend. Well done SDCC, although I'm not there! I've gotta start saving up so I can make the trip next year !

I've missed a load of stuff out, so much happened, forgive me I'm tired and I've got work tomorrow.