Wednesdays Winner is ….

Sorry its bit late this week but been on holiday and didn't get a chance to catch up on my Wednesday reads till today , but I read some good stuff!

Domino 1 was ok I may pick up issue 2 to see how it progresses but it didn't jump out at me, I also read Doctor Strange which was really good and has been for the last couple of issues. Sticking with Marvel I also read the continuation of the Avengers No Surrender arc 688 which was OK but I'm enjoying the arc as a whole and it will continue to be on my pick list for now.

On the Indy side I read Images Dead Hand 1 which was good and also Oblivion Song 2 which was also good and I'm finding I'm starting to pick up a lot of Image titles these days their story telling is really good.

Nothing picked up from DC this week !

But my comic of the week is Thanos 18!

I love this arc its been brilliant and Thanos 18 brings it to an end, Donny Cates just nailed it !

I certainly recommend that people pick this run up because I think its a classic.