Musings on Marvel Phase 4 !

So there's a lot of chatter about what is going to happen in Marvel Phase 4 after the untitled Avengers 4 movie. We know we've got Adam Warlock coming, a Captain Marvel film, Spiderman 2, GOTG Vol 3 and a Black Widow movie.

Its all very hush hush and everyone's guessing where the MCU is going to go, but there are some key things that I think will happen in the next couple of years in the MCU. This is just purely speculation and my own opinion!

  • Bucky Barnes takes over as Captain America  

I believe Steve Rogers will die at the hands of Thanos, perhaps in Infinity War, and we will see an alternative time line version of himself in Avengers 4. After these movies Bucky Barnes will take over as he did in the comics. I think most people know this is coming, ever since that scene when Bucky is holding and posing with Caps shield in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I think we've known that this is how its going to play out.

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  • The Celestials are coming !

So we've already seen the giant head of Knowhere in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and Ego was one in the GOTG Volume 2. We've been led to believe that these giant robot looking gods are extinct, but what if all of them aren't? They are connected to the Infinity Stones using their powers to judge and destroy planets. What if the next big threat comes from the Celestials!

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  • House of M!

So we know that Vision and Scarlet Witch are going to get it on. But I think that Vision will die in the Infinity War movies. Scarlet Witch, having lost her brother and her lover, will be in a state of despair. In the comics Scarlett Witch is one of the most powerful mutants (although Disney can't use that yet) in the Marvel Universe. She alters reality making herself and Vision husband and wife and even has kids. She subconciously alters everyones timeline, even resurrecting Gwen Stacy as Peter Parker's wife . What if in the MCU she brings back Quicksilver and Vision? Now here's where things get a little tricky Quicksilver and Scarlet Witche's dad is Magneto, and although Disney have bought FOX, I don't think legally they can use FOX owned characters yet. At least until the legalities have been sorted, which could take 12 months plus. Or they could just do the whole thing without Magneto.

The mini series was a classic and it would be great to see it as a movie! Here's what you should be looking for, House of M Issue 1.

  • Secret Invasion!

We already know that next years Captain Marvel movie will introduce the Skrulls. These shape shifting aliens have the ability to take any form they like and have used it to infiltrate and colonize neighbouring civilisations. In the Secret Invasion comics they take over the lives of key heroes in the Marvel Universe, with the sole intention of world domination. I can see this happening as a movie and I can see it being set up as an espionage type film, much like The Winter Soldier was. The first appearance of the Skrulls is in Fantastic Four 2, a pricey book, out of reach for the most of us.

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  • Nova

Richard Rider is a huge fan favourite! He came to be Nova after the last surviving member of the Xandars Nova Corps passed on his powers to Rider, to make him the Nova Prime. Now think about this. The Nova Corps on Xandar have an Infinity Stone. Thanos wants it, destroys Xandar to get it, and wipes out the Nova Corps, thus setting up the story line for Nova. I think this is a no brainer. Nova easily fits into the cosmic story arc that Marvel wants to produce.

Easy one , Nova 1.


  • But what about all the characters that Disney has aquired from FOX?

I honestly think that Marvel will take their time with introducing the Fox characters. I believe that they will stick to their pre Fox deal plans for Phase 4 with only minor alterations maybe post credit scenes to introduce the new characters. I could write loads of articles about the X-men, Silver Surfer and Secret Wars but I don't think any of this will happen soon!

So there are my thoughts for Phase 4 .

What do you think? Why not comment below and let me know ?