Doom Origins!

One of my favourite villains in the the Marvel Universe is Victor Von Doom ! With Disney purchasing Fox and thus getting the rights to the Fantastic Four, seeing this guy in the MCU is going to be a reality soon !

Dr Dooms first app is in Fantastic Four 5 which is in high demand, a mid grade copy (6.0) will set you back over $6K which makes it out of reach for most collectors, although watch that price double as the rumours circulate of an MCU appearance!

So with the price of Dr Dooms first app out of reach for me I've been concentrating on other keys, origin comics of big characters always do well, check out my last article on Blade 🙂 .

With this in mind I've turned my attention to Fantastic Four Annual 2. We get a full origin of Dr Doom in this issue along with the first appearances of Latveria, Doomstadt and Doctor Doom's Castle. All important things for when Dr D makes his first appearance in the MCU, if they do the character justice.

Fair market prices for a 6.0 sit around the $300-500 mark and a 9.0 will set you back over $1.5K. There's loads of palatable options on raws too.

I believe this will be an important book going forward !
Happy hunting !