Blade Origins!

So if you're like me you're looking forward to the MCU Blade movie. Since the announcement of the popular vampire killer Tomb of Dracula 10 has gone stratosferic in price and high grades are out of reach for most people.

However there are a number of issues that I'm keeping my eye on around the origin of Blade.

Blade as you may know is half vampire half human. The previous films never explored Blade's origins and how he came to be. I have a suspicion that the MCU will dive deeper into the origin of the vampire slayer putting a number of key issues on the map.

Blade's mother, while giving birth to Blade was bitten and killed by a vampire named Deacon Frost. Deacon Frost was posing as a doctor to help with Blades mothers labour. When he bit her he passed on his vampire traits to the unborn Blade, turning him into the day walker we all know today.

I can see Marvel setting up a storyline explaining this origin and Blade going out and hunting down Deacon Frost for revenge.

Deacon Frost first appearance is in Tomb of Dracula 13 and although he's appeared in the Wesley Snipes movies he's a completely different character. I believe he'll be the main villain in the first movie, some might say its Dracula but I feel that he'll be a big bad guy that they'll build up to in a trilogy in true MCU style. We also get Blade retelling his origin in this issue.

Tomb of Dracula 13 is cheap at the mo and worth a punt in my opinion !

Happy hunting !