Doing the Math : Eternals

One film we're all waiting for this year is the Eternals MCU movie. Kevin Feige has promised us that this film is important and will set up the next phase of the Marvel cinematic universe.

But how have the comics been doing?

Eternals 1

So the flagship comic and the first appearance of the Eternals is the must have to get.

There's just about under 4000 of these that have been CGC graded, so not rare by any means. A 9.8 will cost you over 1k so lets have a look in some of the lower grades to see how this books doing.

Lets take a 9.2 for example, average price last year was about $180 but prices in the last few months have been as low as $81 and as high as $306, somebody had some money for Christmas or too much to drink as this sale was on Christmas Day 🙂

But on average you could probably pick up 9.0+ Eternals for around the $150 mark.

Now for nearly a 50 year old comic I think a 9.0+ is a good grade and if I can get them for the $150 range I'll be actively seeking these out in the next couple of months. I believe the target price when the trailers and marketing machine kicks in will be around the $300 for something like a 9.2.

Eternals 2

So this one deals with the first appearance of the Celestials. Basically they are responsible for everything which I'm sure will get explained in the film.There's roughly 944 of these on census.

Lets look at a 9.2 again , these are going for just under a $100 dollars and I still think this is a bargain. Another I'll be picking up in the 9.0+ range, I'd like to set the target price for a 9.2 at around the $200 mark. I think this is another important book.

Eternals 3

Let's look at Eternals 3 this is the first app of Sersi who'll be played by Gemma Chan. Sersi is an incurably popular character in the Marvel comics. If they get her right in the movies this comic will soar in value.

There's 988 on census and looking at a 9.2 again you can pick one up for between $75-$120. I think this book is severely undervalued at the mo! Sersi is such an important character , she was even a member of the Avengers at one point. I would quite happily pick these up around the $120 range

This is my pick out of the 3, with a current price as low as this I think this is a no brainer and would expect a 9.2 to reach into the $300's once the MCU movie machine gets going.

Prices have definitely come down on these books since the announcement so I expect a significant bump when things take off. There's a lot of these books out there and some may say that the prices have stabilised but I think now is the time to buy, that is if you didn't buy before the announcement 🙂