Wednesdays Winner is…..

Well not a bad week this week we had Barbarella 1 which brought me back to my childhood (I really shouldn't have been watching it at that age) , Venom Inc Alpha 1 , if you got hold of that Dell Otto variant at a decent price well done!

But there was one standout comic for me and although its probably got a fairly high print run it was Batman White Knight 3! I got into this series a week or two late and now I've caught up I gotta say its a fantastic read !

You need to read this , a cured Joker vs Batman! 2 Harley's one devoted one not its just brilliant! Issue 3 is also the first appearance of the Neo Joker , I won't spoil it but all I can say is that I'm enjoying reading comics again especially DC !

Cover B is the one to get , 2 Harleys on the cover one original one Suicide Squad New 52! You know this will sell well!