Wednesdays Winner is…

A bit late I know , I should be doing this Wednesdays winner but ho hum ….

So it was a good week Infinity War Prime was cool with Requiem killing Thanos , Teen Titans 20 was ok introducing Crush and a few others into the DC universe! So was Justice League Dark always a big fan of this team so I’m excited how this goes. We also had Doomsday Clock 6 which gave us the origins of Manquin and Mime, was a big fan of this series when it started but its started to slow down, it needs a bit of a spark !

But my winner for Wednesday was ….

Venom 4!

A good read and Donny Cates is nailing it again, he’s managed to retcon symbiotic origins right back to Thor God of Thunder 6 which is now a hot book and the whole thing is pretty cool ! Well done Marvel and well done Mr Cates!