How to post and not to post comics!

If you sell comics on Ebay, Facebook, Instagram etc... then make sure you post your comics right !

If you post your comics to me in a padded envelope like this :

The comics are not gonna get to me right and writing "Please do not bend" isn't gonna make a blind bit of difference to Mr Postie who's gonna fold it in half to get it through my letterbox!

And don't just add a flimsy piece of cardboard either :

What do you seriously think thats going to do , thats not going to protect shit!

If you're serious about comics then you know that condition is everything and that the number 1 thing that people look for in your comics is spine creases and ticks.

I've spent good money on a near mint comic only for it to arrive like this :

And what you'll get in return is negative feedback and your comic returned for a refund .


And don't post in a cardboard backed envelope either :

Their shit and won't protect the spine of a comic!


An £80 comic posted in a flimsy cardboard envelope WTF!!!!

Always use a sturdy "twisty" comic mailer they're not expensive they'll cost you 60 pence, cheaper if you buy in bulk !! Just do a search for twisty comic mailers there's loads of people who supply! They're also recyclable any I get from other reputable comic sellers I'll use again when I sell my comics because they're that sturdy!

Like one of these :

Add a nice bit of tape and your comics will be well protected ! As you can see double stiff cardboard protects the comic.


They'll protect the comic well ! Lots of packing tape and jobs a good un! And if its an expensive comic I'll add a layer of cardboard into the inner sleeve to further protect it. If its serious money £300+ I'll put it into one of these mailers and put it in a box !

So come on guys if you want to sell a good condition comic then post it and package it well! Make sure it arives with the buyer in the same condition when you held it in your hands!


You'll sell a lot more comics when people realise that you take the time and care on your postage and packaging.  Thats a fact !

If you post to me in shitty packaging I'm never going to buy from you again !