Wednesdays Winner is…

First up a big apology for not posting anything lately been busy with work and with family. When I did get round to writing a new article I found that my site had been hacked and I'd been locked out! Thankfully I'm back in and can continue !

So what did I read this week , well obviously I read Spiderman 800 and regardless of all the hype it was actually OK although I would have liked a few more deaths :-). I read Star Wars Lando Double or Nothing which was OK and also Infinity Countdown Captain Marvel 1 which was also OK.

There wasn't any standout book for me this week but if I had to pick one it would be

Doomsday Clock 5 still loving this whole story even if its been delayed, Checkout the B cover by Gary Frank , I think this'll be the one to get. I can see people chasing this one in a few years!