So I’ve Just Seen Justice League and …

I really really liked it ! It was good and I enjoyed it and so did my kids! Even my wife liked it who gets constantly fed up of the superhero chat/films/comics etc.. 🙂

I didn't have great expectations for the film but was pleasantly surprised ! I remember watching BvS in the cinema and I was so bored I just wanted it to end, but this trundled along at a nice pace and I don't think I checked my watch once. I'm not sure what the critics are on about!

Will it win oscars ? Was it a perfect film? Not by any means but I liked the Flash, Aquaman and Gadot's Wonder Woman was brilliant! Batman and Cyborg were OK ! I couldn't take my eyes off Henry Cavills' top lip , when they filmed he had a moustache that they'd CGI'd out and he just looked weird , worst bit of CGI in the whole film 🙂

There's 2 credit scenes one midway which is bound to make the comic fanboys happy and one at the end which could setup something special in the future.

All in all a good film and I would recommend you see it. Its certainly lighter as a film and not as dark as the previous outings.

There we go I didn't spoil a thing !