Everyones Talking about …..

The Batman Who Laughs!

Yes DC's Metal series has comic lovers in raptures , a cast of new Dark Batmans have been released and we're all lapping it up! I for one have been enjoying the series and am looking forward to the up and coming issues.

This character is incredibly hot at the moment , but there seems to be some debate as to what his first appearance is , the 2 comics in question are:

Teen Titans 12 and Dark Knights Metal 2

They both were released the same day and I believe Snyder himself has said that Metal 2 is the first appearance of the Batman who Laughs. But the market seems to have taken a different course!

Dark Knights Metal 2 currently sells for about £6 and Teen Titans 12 sells for about £30. This could be down to print runs and the fact that he's on the cover! Anyway the market has spoken on this one and it seems Teen Titans is the one to get!

Another yardstick to further highlight just how hot this character is at the moment is to look at his first variant.

The Virgin variant for Dark Knights Metal 3 by Mattina is class! This variant set could be picked up from launch for £50 its now topping £200 on the bay , you don't get many variant sets that do that a couple of weeks after launch.

We have also had the release of Batman Who Laughs 1 , that is heading towards double cover price on eBay just 3 days after release. In this issue we get an origin for the character and its brilliant! I'm not spoiling it you need to get a copy and read.

Snyder has also confirmed that the Batman Who Laughs is going to be an ongoing character , so it looks like he's going to hang around for a while. Smart move from DC me thinks !

Dell Otto has also done a variant cover for Metal 5 that looks awesome , I believe its out next year , not sure if it'll be as popular as the Mattina only time will tell!

We haven't seen this sort of popularity for a character since Marvel's Weapon H reveal but this feels bigger , much bigger !

Well done DC I shall be watching closely!