Phase 4 comics I’m looking for!

Well actually I've been looking for a while but these are my top picks !

Captain Britain 1
This can be hard to find especially with the free mask that it came with ! What's got me hyped up for this is Agent Carter mentioning Agent Braddock in Endgame now why would she do that !

Prince Namor 1 the SubMariner from 1968 again earthquakes under the ocean why mention that in endgame ! I'm going after this because FF4 is way out of my reach !

Ultimate Fallout 4 and Edge of Spiderverse 2. Now if you've seen the new far from home Trailer then you get that the snap opened up a multiverse so therefore anything's possible here! We know Miles is in the same universe why can't Gwen come into it via a Parallel petal thingy !!! It worked for the Animated film !

And then it's the Young Avengers 1&6 don't forget Marvel Premier 47 which is the first Cassie Lang, Eternals , Nova , avengers 48 for the black Knight but you know about all these yeah 🙂