New Avengers 27 Clint Barton becomes Ronin

On the back of the rumours for Clint Barton turning into Ronin in Avengers 4 I decided to take a look at how this rumour was affecting eBay sales , and as predicted they've gone mental.

Now baring in mind this is just a rumour, but I can see something like this happening, maybe something happens to Clints family that we got introduced to in Avengers Age of Ultron. They need to do more with the character as he's been a bit of a B list hero in the movies. Giving him something like this would shape the character more and don't forget his family died in the comics (although that may have been in the Ultimates).

So the print run on the regular issue is 120K+ , this was the age of overprinting that burst the comic bubble! You should be able to pick these up all day for under cover price.

There are some variants there's a 1:50 which brings that print run down to the 2.4K mark, approx the ratio variants are never exact and are hard to work out. These are the ones I see moving pretty quick on eBay for around £10-15.

But hang on there is also a 1:100 variant so there should be about 1.2K of these around, and these are ghosts and hard to find at the moment , at time of writing I've only seen 3-4 sales of these ranging from £15 - £30 , but they are definitely the one to get.

If the rumours turn out to be true this could be one hot book , but we've got about 20 months to  find out.

And remember it is just a rumour but people seem to be jumping on this spec!