Maybe a little hint at the Lanterns showing up in Justice League??

So I've been perusing the various sites around the internet , scanning the forums and such and there's bit of chatter about the up and coming Justice League movie.

In the trailer Stepenwolf states that this world is not protected by Kryptonians or Lanterns and it will fall just like all the others. Now we know that Superman returns, you know he died right ?

But why mention the Lanterns? I've had a sneaky suspicion that the Lanterns are going to get introduced in this movie and then I came across this :

This is a list of POP figures being released for the Justice League film. Take notice of the last line (Thanks to Brian Springman for the spot). Now we've had this happen with action figures before and those didn't work out (Guardians of the Galaxy Deaths Head anyone!!) but POP figures have never been wrong, they only do official movie POPS for characters that appear.

So I'm thinking we're going to see the lanterns in the Justice League movie if only a silhouette.

Not long to wait to find out.....