Lets have a look at Infinity War!

Avengers Infinity War to be released in 2018 is the culmination of the last 10 years, yes its been that long, of effort from Marvel/Disney! 10 years of films to introduce the Marvel Universe characters that will be going toe to toe with Thanos and his entourage. So lets look at what we've seen in the trailers and point out some comics that may be of interest.

So at the end of Spiderman we see Tony Stark offering Peter Parker a place in the Avengers and a new suit. In the Infinity War trailer we see him don this suit. Quite a bit of speculation around the fact that this suit is the Iron Spider Suit. The suit is significantly more advanced than Peter's last suit giving him Iron Man like tech and a few extra legs to boot. The first time we saw the suit in the comics is in one of the Civil War tie in run of books, Amazing Spiderman 529. These are going for around the £25 mark on the bay at the moment.

We didn't get a great look at the Black Order in the trailers but we know they're in it. We had a few shots of Proxima Midnight and of Corvus Glave's scythe trying to pry the infinity stone out of Visions forehead. Aside from Thanos ,The Black Order are going to be the main antagonists in Infinity War and Corvus Glaive is Thanos's main general. His first appearance is in the Free Comic Book Day Infinity. On the bay for around the £10-12 mark.

The rest of the crew, Proxima Midnight (Corvus Glaves wife) , Black Dwarf ,Ebony Maw and Supergiant (Who isn't going to be in the film) first appeared in New Avengers 8 Vol.3. On the bay for between £25-35.

Classic cover, Classic Story! The Infinity Gauntlet mini series is true classic of the genre! Thanos wipes out half of the universe to impress his woman , Death !! The Infinity Gauntlet set is going for around £60-£80 depending on condition.

"To challenge them is to court Death" spoken to a smiling Thanos by the Other at the end of the first Avengers movie. There's been a lot of talk as to whether Death is in the actual movie or if they will replace her with Hela instead , who is the goddess of Death.

Deaths first App is Captain Marvel 26 which is also the second appearance of Thanos. £45 - 65 on the bay.

Or if they decide to go with Hela her first appearance is in Journey into Mystery #102. She's already a popular character after Kate Blanchett's portrayal in Thor Ragnarok. Anywhere between £85 - 160 for this one , all dependent on the condition.

So what about the first appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet itself ! Well thats in Silver Surfer 44 below. Since Marvel have recently bought Fox I wonder if we'll see an appearance by Silver Surfer in the Infinity War movie. Whenever we mention Infinity Gems/Stones and Thanos, Silver Surfer isn't far behind. Bay prices between £25-50.

On the subject of characters connected with the Infinity Stones etc I can't help mentioning Adam Warlock , who was hinted at in a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 post credit scene.

His first appearance is Fantastic Four 67 we don't know if he'll be in the movie yet or he may get saved for Guardians 3. Bay prices £40-100 depending on condition.

So what about the big man himself, Thanos's first appearance is Iron Man 55 which is also the first app of Drax already an expensive book and a classic key. Prices anywhere from £180 to £600 for the high grades.

So there you have it!  Just thought I'd sum up some books that I think may have a connection to the Infinity War film. If you can buy in at a decent price and the film works out I think these books will deliver a nice little return.

Lets hope they do a good one! I may write a part two to this article if and when we see a second trailer with more details.

Would love to know what everyone else thinks , why not leave a comment and tell me your views.