Its getting Hot in here!!

Just thought I'd do a quick post on things that are gaining heat on eBay , some surprises here !

God Country 1 is on the rise and is selling like hot cakes agin , the result of Donny Cates tweeting the God Country Logo with the words "soon!'

What does this mean a sequel or maybe some Movie/TV news ! I don't know, all I know is that its a great book and its selling again !

Deadline are reporting that Sony will make a Spiderman offshoot film for Silk , this is amazing news capulting Amazing Spiderman 4 from a £10 book to on average a £45 book (and in some cases up to £90) This book has gone mad , there's also a Ramos variant which I love and a load of Campbell variants !

Next up is Champions 21 which I think the market has decided is the first app of Snowgaurd. They're still cheap at the moment going for about 2x cover but watch this one go!!

Happy hunting !