A Year in Review – 2017 (Part 4 of 4)

The last quarter of the year was a busy one for the comic community. So without further ado, let's crack on !


  • Marvel sold the most in October, but Dark Nights Metal 3 was the number 1 selling comic. Mighty Thor 700 was in second place and, while we're on the subject, Adam Hughes gave us this stunning 1:100 depiction of Hela.

  • Staying on subject, the Thor Ragnarok Movie was released and is an instant hit with fans and critics alike!
  • Nate Simpson's Nonplayer gets optioned. If you haven't heard of this comic from Image there were only 2 issues of this comic released over 6 years. It's been picked up by the Legendary film company. It tells the story of Dana who spends her time in an augmented reality video game world but something goes wrong and the game world merges with reality. This is definitely one to watch !

  • Zachary Levi confirmed to play Shazam! Hmmm, most people not sure about this one. I think everyone wanted John Cena 🙂

  • Raising Dion taken up by Netflix. If you haven't see the trailer that was released for this you need to. It,s a really interesting concept, and I for one, will be following the progress of this.

  • We get a great horror themed New Mutants trailer. The New Mutants Demon Bear arc gets some heat.
  • We get a regular priced Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #1 Adam Hughes Variant!

  • And to finish off, we have what must be the cover of the year. Dark Nights Metal 3 Mattina Virgin Variant . Wow, just Wow!!


  • DC sold the most in November, they held the top 7 spots! Number 1 was Doomsday Clock,  the much anticipated sequel to Watchmen. Batman and Metal tie ins filled the rest of the spots. Marvel,s top selling comic was Captain America 695.

  • We finally get a publicly released Infinity War trailer and everyone thinks that Thanos looks like a raisin.
  • Justice League hits cinemas and the critics pan it , the only good thing they say about it is that its better than Batman vs Superman. Personally I liked it!
  • Batman Who Laughs 1 is released and becomes the 3rd best selling comic of the month behind Doomsday Clock.

  • Multiple Man Movie gets announced, staring James Franco. First app is Giant Size Fantastic Four 4 in case your interested.

  • Ryan Reynolds releases a very funny trailer for the 2nd Deadpool movie.
  • News of a Morbius The Living Vampire movie breaks and Spiderman 101 gets a healthy bump.

  • News breaks that Black Adam, supposedly played by Dwayne Johnson, will be introduced in Suicide Squad 2 rather than Shazam.
  • And there's more movie news again with Red Sonja and Danger Girl heading for big screen adaptations!



  • Sales figures haven't been released by Diamond yet for December, but to say it was a quiet month is an understatement! By far the biggest news of the month was Disney buying FOX for 52 billion dollars. This is the comic news of the decade, this is the news that will enable the X-men and Avengers to share the same movie universe. We can get Wolverine fighting Hulk , the Fantastic Four and Secret Wars. This is a massive game changer. Everyone is going to be in anticipation as to how this pans out. Expect more updates and news around the summer comic con season. SDCC will be interesting this year!
  • We get a Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse animated movie trailer, which looks absolutely fantastic. I'm hoping Spider-Gwen gets introduced!

  • Mini series Batman White Knight 3 introduced us to the Neo Joker! This series has a been a hit for DC, there's even mention of a Volume 2. Personally I'm loving it!

  • Disney announce that the next Star Wars stand alone will be based around the exploits of Obi Wan Kenobi. Ewan McGregor states he's open to returning for the part.
  • DC announce the next 9 DCU movies at Brazil’s Comic-Con Experience. They are, in no particular order: Wonder Woman 2, Aquaman, Flashpoint, Justice League Dark, Suicide Squad 2, Shazam, Batgirl, Batman and Green Lantern Corps. No mention of Gotham City Sirens, Deathstroke or Nightwing movies.
  • The pick of the month was Thanos 13 which introduces the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Everyone is speculating as to who it is. This has driven the prices up significantly, especially the hard to find Albuquerque 1:25 variant.

There's probably loads that I've missed and, as ever, please leave a comment if I have. Thanks for reading and please check out the other parts of this article below.

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