A Year in Review – 2017 (Part 3 of 4)

Lets continue our review of 2017 by looking at the second half of the year! And if you missed part 1 and 2 you can find the links at the bottom of the post.


  • Dark Days the Casting was the number one book for July but Marvel still sold more comics than DC! Astonishing X-men No.1 was in second place.

  • Spiderman Homecoming hits our screens and people start speculating on the Iron Spider suit! During the film Aaron Davis (The Prowler) mentions his nephew (Miles Morales) but not by name. Yes Yes Yes!

  • We get a fantastic 1:20 Variant from Bill Sienkiewicz for Howling 1.

  • People start to go nuts about Rick and Morty comics, can't see it myself!
  • We get word that She-Venom maybe in Sony’s Venom movie, Ann Weying was added to the cast list. Ann is Venom’s ex-wife and she turned into She-Venom in Venom: Sinner takes all 2 although issue 3 seems to be the one with the heat as she’s on the cover.

  • We get more news from SDCC around Thanos's Black Order. New Avengers 8 picks up heat along with Free Comic Book Day Infinity as the first app of Corvus Glaive, Thanos's right hand man.

  • The SDCC Avengers trailer gets leaked! Even if it was sideways and out of focus it got us all excited!
  • More details emerge for the plot of the Captain Marvel movie , Skrulls are involved! Do we have the Secret Invasion Arc coming?

  • DC announce they'll be doing a Flashpoint movie! Flashpoint 1-5 from 2011 are the ones that everyones after!

  • And to finish off Joshua Middleton gave us a stunning Aquaman 26 Dolphin Variant cover.



  • DC's long anticipated Dark Nights Metal 1 was the best selling comic for the month of August but Marvel still sold more. DC held the top 3 spots but titles from Marvel such as the Generations series (Hulk, Wolverine etc..) , Star Wars and the finale to Secret Empire meant that Marvel were victorious......again. (Just a note on the Generations covers , the 2nd print Mattina's (Right) are far nicer!)

  • Spider Men II issue 2 gave us a great Dell Otto cover!

  • DC's Mister Miracle was a surprise hit and an entertaining read.

  • With the buzz around Infinity War and the Black Order the 1:75 General variants for the Infinity series enjoy a nice little bump. Here's 2 out of the six.

The one for me though is the Supergiant Variant for Infinity 1 unfortunately she's not in the film 🙁

  • Jenny Frison Wonder Woman Cover B's are a hit along with ArtGerms Supergirl covers.

  • This next comic was probably the biggest flip of the year! Totally Awesome Hulk 22 gave us a new character in Weapon H and the comic community lapped it up. Not many people thought this character would have the legs but the prices are still high and Marvel are investing in him with his own series.

  • From the indy side of things ONI had a winner with Dead of Winter.

  • And to top it off we get a first look at Zazie Beetz‘s Domino from Deadpool 2.



  • Marvel Legacy was the number 1 comic for September closely followed by Dark Nights Metal 2. Marvel had the majority of sales ...just. As is always the case we had a tump of variants for Marvel Legacy 1.

  • Walking Dead 171 gave us the first appearance of The Princess but there was another surprise in store. Image included a pink signature on some of the 171 variants. No announcement , no fanfare they were just included with the regular orders. Everyone starts to track these down.

  • Dell Otto gave us a stunning Wonder Woman cover for Dark Knights Metal 2!

  • On the subject of Dark Nights Metal 2 ; Batman Who Laughs becomes a very popular character indeed. But what was his first appearance? Debate rages between Teen Titans 12 or Dark Nights Metal 2 , they're both released on the same day. Snyder says its Metal 2 but in the end the market goes for Teen Titans 12!

  • Red Death and Murder Machine Tie ins are released and the Red Death one is particularly popular and demands a decent price at the moment!

  • Image gave us Realm 1 which sold out on release. We also got Sink 1 from Comix Tribe which was a very popular flip !

  • Wolverine came back, and with an infinity stone!
  • Lazarus and The Boys got picked up by Amazon, Both brilliant series! Looking forward to more news of these 2.


  • Spider-Gwen 24 gave us Gwenom another good flip and a popular story.

  • We get a look at the up and coming Punisher series with a new trailer.
  • And rumours surface that Clint Barton may become Ronin in the Avengers 4 movie. Avengers 27 is the first Clint as Ronin.

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading and if you think I've missed something then don't forget to tell me in the comments. Remember check back because Part 4 is still to come !

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