X-Force Movie Fast Tracked

September 8, 2017 jim5150 0

The X-Force movie is getting fast tracked into production, written and directed by Drew Goddard the movie will feature Deadpool and Cable as the teams […]

Dick Grayson cast for Teen Titans

September 1, 2017 jim5150 0

Dick Grayson has been cast for the up coming live action Teen Titans show! http://deadline.com/2017/08/titans-brenton-thwaites-lead-dick-grayson-dc-live-action-series-robin-1202159057/

Generations Hulk 2nd Print

August 31, 2017 jim5150 0

So I’ve noticed that Generations Hulk 2nd print is disapearing of eBay pretty fast. The second print by artist Francessco Mattina is looking at being […]

Totally Mental !!

August 31, 2017 jim5150 0

So last week Totally Awesome Hulk 22 was a £10-£15 book I’m now seeing prices of £30-£50 this week! With one guy asking £150! (Special […]