X-23 movie script is being written as we speak!

Not sure if this is big news or not , I think it was quite obvious that this would happen, especially after the success of Logan.

Mangold and the Logan team are working on a script for an X-23 movie! Audiences were blown away by the awesomeness of little X-23 she was bound to get her own movie!

I have So many questions though will Dafne Keen return as Laura?
What year is it set in?
Does she join X-force ?
Can Cable still time travel ? Does that sort the timelines out, allowing Laura to join the X-Force of the past ?
Would that mean that Wolverine is still alive? Is my NYX 3 CGC 9.8 about to get another bump in price ?

Oh I don't know my head hurts !!!

Anyway you can read more here: