Red Sonja’s coming to the big screen !!

Yay !! Does everyone remember the film with Bridgette Neilson and Arni ? Think I liked it !

After the success of Wonder Woman, Millennium Media believe the time is right for female heroins and will produce the film with a strong female cast.

Sonja's first App is in Conan the Barbarian 23 and she also starred in her own series which started in 1977 and is still going under the dynamite banner. Many an artist has worked on her covers J Scott Campbell and Dell Otto to name a few! I can see these getting quite a bit of interest!

EDIT: CGC actually states Conan 24 as the first App and 23 as a cameo , but as far as I can see both issues sell for similar prices at the moment. Will be interesting to see what the market decides.