Wednesdays Winner is…

First up apologies for not posting last weeks Wednesday winner I was super busy didn't get a chance to go to my LCS so I scrapped that week .

This week I did go and I read Analog which was brilliant , if you're not reading this you should I can see why its been optioned. Life of Captain Marvel was ok , I enjoyed Indestructible Hulk this has a making of a good series. I also read Gideon Falls which was really good , Injustice from DC was also good and again is a great series.

But what ticked my boxes this week was .....

The Magic Order 2 from Image!

I'm loving this comic and can't wait for the 3rd issue , I'm a big Potter fan but this is for the adults. Mark Millar is nailing this comic and I can see why this has been optioned as a series as part of Millarworld!

Good stuff get on it!