Wednesdays Winner Is…

Big week this week I obviously read Batman 50 although it was spoiled a few days ago, my fault for clicking the link! I enjoyed the issue and the artist renditions of the couple were really cool. On the back of that I read Catwoman 1 which was also good. Frank Millers Xerces was ok the art is fantastic there just wasn’t much going on in this issue. Cosmic Ghost Rider was a fun read and I’m going to be adding this to my pick list!

But the comic I enjoyed the most is…

Death of the Inhumans 1 !

Great new character called Vox in this one, can’t help thinking that they’ve borrowed a bit from DC’s the Batman who Laughs , same sort of vibe but cool looking character none the less. The issue was a good read and we get 2 significant character deaths , although how long they stay that way remains to be seen. But a good read!

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