Wednesdays Winner is….

So I had a bit of time to read a load of comics today, this normally takes me a couple of days but it was a real treat to read a selection of comics and judge them one after the other. I don't often get the time to do this.

I read Avengers 686 which I really enjoyed and I can see why this series/arc is popular , well done Marvel. I also read Valiant's Shadowman 1 which was ok. I'll pick up the next one and make a call to see if I like it and if it goes in my pick list.

But the two I was most looking forward to were DC offerings. The conclusion to Metal was good and the ramifications for the DC universe are positive and I can see some good stuff happening down the line but the comic and the series was a bit up and down. I can see the arc being collectable but its not a true classic , although it did give us the Batman Who Laughs who I love and I think will be a classic and popular character.

However Doomsday Clock 4 is my Wednesday winner. I just love the style of it and the way it reminds me of the first time I read Watchmen back in my teens , we got an origin of the new Rorschach which I thought was great and I love the whole darkness of it. I can't wait for issue 5 and for where this takes us.

Doomsday Clock 4.