Time for a weekly round up, Black Adam, Suicide Squad, The Boys and more..

So I thought I'd do a bit of round up of things that have happened this week in the comic world, mainly things I've read and said to my self "I must do a blog post for that!" but then I haven't got round to it ! I do have a life other than comics you know !

So lets get started .......

First bit of news is Amazon have officially ordered 8 episodes of The Boys. Anyone read this? If you haven't I suggest you do so , its brilliant! I'd be interested to see how this works out because if you've read it there's going to be a lot of technical challenges to get this right. It basically revolves around a government group of individuals who keep super heroes in check! Lots of sex, violence and language as you would expect from creator Garth Ennis (Preacher, Crossed etc...) . But if they get this right it could be huge. The boys No 1 is already a hot book but I can see it getting hotter if done right.

Rumour has it that Black Adam could be introduced to the DC Movie Universe not via Shazam which starts filming next year , but via Suicide Squad 2! The squad are apparently sent after a being of enormous strength in the sequel , could this be Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam! Only time will tell! But what we do know is that the original Suicide Squad are all contracted to return for the next outing no mention of The Rock yet though.

Deadly Class gets a full cast , set around a school for young assasins the graphic novel unearths 80's cliche's and humour mixed with thought provoking drama. The top crime families send their next generation of killers to this school, the teachers are an ancient league of assassins that brutally instruct their students on the art of killing. This comic from Image was an instant hit when it was released , its been picked up by SyFy but the biggest news is that its being directed by the Russo brothers (Captain America Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War !)

So we all heard the news that Mark Millar's portfolio was acquired by Netflix a few months ago , well they've announced the first collaboration will be a new comic series. "The Magic Order" will debut next year. People are a little disappointed that this is new comic series and not one of Millars past works. I can see The Magic Order comic selling out as everyone knows that its going to get made as a Netflix series, we usually have to wait to see whats going to go into production 🙂

Last but not least Disney has revealed that a new Star Wars trilogy is to be developed and produced after the Force Awakens trilogy is complete. We presume that this is 2019 onwards and its no surprise that Disney would carry on with the successful franchise. To top it off there are also plans for a live action TV series to be aired when Disney's streaming service goes live in 2019. Are we going to see a Doctor Aphra ? Keep an eye on those Darth Vader 3's!

I'm tired so I'm off to bed!

Thanks for reading all catch you soon !