The DC roster for the next few years!

DC announce films that will go into production , they have a plan :

Shazam (due to start filming soon and could be cool , such a great concept)

Suicide Squad 2 (starts production next year, was disappointed with the first if I'm honest)

The Batman (Affleck are you in ?)

Justice League Dark (Come on!! make it R rated)

Flashpoint (oh yeah that could mix things up in the universe)

Wonder Woman 2 (Why not after the success of the 1st)

Green Lantern Corps (lets hope its better than the last attempt)

Batgirl (Joss Whedon needs to do good otherwise my daughters gonna be well upset)

DC and Warner Bros are seriously hitting out the schedule trying to catch up with Marvel which is cool they just need to get it right!

Currently in development is Gotham City Sirens, Nightwing, Man of Steel 2 and Black Adam which is attached to Dwayne Johnson , The Rock. They seem to have separated that one from Shazam can't have the villain out shining the hero I suppose.

And lets not forget Aquaman , SDCC was shown a sneak peek of a teaser trailer, Aquaman's out later next year.

In terms of writing DC are far outshining marvel in the comic world , I was never a DC guy but after getting into a lot of the comics I'm hoping for good things 🙂