FAKE NEWS “Robert Kirkman has announced that the Walking Dead will be ending!”

I Wrote this " But don't freak out yet , its not ending for a long long time but he knows how it will end and he's figuring out how to sculpt the comics towards that ending. Most people are thinking that he'll end it on the 300 mark.

The Walking Dead has been on my pull list for a few years now and back issues always do well in the secondary market.I stopped watching the TV show a while back just got bored with the filler episodes but I've kept up to date with the comic and enjoy it. Don't know what this will do for secondary market prices but keep in mind that the TV show is mega popular only when that ends will the prices go down , but probably not by much."

But its rubbish 🙂

UPDATE *** Sorry he didn't say he was ending but rather how it ends !!!

*****FAKE NEWS*****