Miles Morales

Thought I'd write a bit of an article about the alternative universe Spiderman Miles Morales.

With the revelation that his uncle is in Spiderman Homecoming and he mentions his nephew this must be a setup to introduce the alternate Spiderman into the MCU. I don't think he'll appear in Homecoming but its been confirmed that there's a few Spiderman films and I can see him apearing in sequels.

So lets talk about the comics :

Ultimate Fallout 4 was the first appearance and they came poly-bagged so watch out for any comics that were ruined by that bag.

The first print is easy to spot as Miles's head is covered by the title. These are currently going for about £20-30 on eBay with some sellers asking £50. Now lets think about these prices for a moment , they were around £10-20 a few months ago so they've pretty much doubled. But £30 for a first app key popular character I think is a bargain! As soon as they announce that he'll appear in the MCU somewhere along the line I think these will double in price. The estimated print run of these was around 74K which is quite high-ish! But never the less he's a popular character with his own Marvel comic series and if they put him in the MCU he won't be small fry by any means.

Now there is a 1:25 Marko Djurdjevic variant , but its always been sought after and CGC 9.8's go for over 1K these days (Can't find any examples of raw!) , a few months ago they were around the 600 mark. So out of most peoples price range. As its a 1:25 the expected print run would be around the 3K mark.

However there are two 2nd print variants , one resembling the 1st print but showing Miles's face by Mark Bagley and the second, A white background with Miles's face by Sara Pichelli. These currently go for between £10-£20 at the moment , they were a fiver a few months ago! The print run on these is around about 12K for each of them. Which isn't high at a all!

So if I had to pick 1 to chase it would be the Sara Pichelli 2nd Print Variant , the covers different from the standard and the 1:25 is just way too much. I think they'll all go up when we hear some news but I think that Pichelli variant is the big star of the bunch and for the sake of £10-20, I think it may be time to hunt! However don't forget about that first print its still a good buy but look out for those spine ticks and creases on the back cover down to those poly-bags.

Happy hunting 🙂