Just seen Spider-Man Homecoming and…

Marvel meets John Hughes in this latest reboot of the iconic web-slinger. Tom Holland is Peter Parker, juggling high school angst with his burgeoning crime-fighting game. Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark plays Spidey’s mentor, while Michael Keaton’s Vulture is the big bad. | Watch trailer (Photo: Sony)

It's brilliant ! Kids loved it even the wife did and she's not big on superheroes!
Tom Holland nailed it with his take on the wise cracking wall crawler, good jokes and humour throughout and a good representation of a kid who's trying to deal with teenage school life and trying to be a superhero.
Nothing major spec wise that I haven't written about before (hint! Check out my other articles) all in all good to see Peter Parker in the MCU and look forward to him in Infinity War.

Go see it it's worth it!!