I’ve only been away for 2 weeks and….

The comic world seems to have exploded !!

So lets do a nice big post on everything thats happened:

  • Totally Awesome Hulk has introduced us to Weapon H (Alpha and Beta) Beta dies (sorry for the spoiler) but Alpha looks like its gonna have legs as a wolverine/hulk hybrid. The stories really good (which makes a change from Marvel) so I think this character will have legs! The one to get is Totally Awesome Hulk 22, heading towards a £30 + book , but 21 and Weapon X 7 which are part of the story are selling at 3X cover price also !

  • There's some rumours of a known extra Marvel character being introduced in the Punisher Netflix series, a lot of people are saying that it could be Moon Knight which would be cool but everythings just speculation at this point!
  • DC/WB have announced a Joker vs Harley Quinn film which some people thought may replace the Gotham City Sirens film but this is not the case , both films will be developed as far as we know.
  • Also we're looking at a Joker origin film directed by Martin Scoursese of all people , it seems that that film may be set outside the DC universe (perhaps , maybe, or maybe not DC what are you doing???)
  • The new Batman film in development may or may not feature Ben Affleck (or maybe not!)
  • Take a breath!
  • The new Defenders Netflix show has been met with critical appraisal ( I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but everyone tells me its good!)
  • Dark Knights Metal is really good and an enjoyable read, some lovely variants also. Loving the DC comics at the moment, they just need to get the movies sorted!
  • Channing Tatum confirms that the Gambit movie is being rewritten but is very much alive. A darker R rated script is in development following the success of Deadpool and Logan.
  • Netflix buys Mark Millars publishing house giving them a raft of comic titles to develop, lots to chose from. Kick Ass, Kingsman and Wanted have already had hit movies could we see Reborn , Huck and Starlight (There were already rumours of this one! ) hitting our screens, could be some good investment here!
  • Oh and the reviews of Inhumans have been far from flattering!
  • Daredevil season 3 has a rumoured villain in Typhoid Mary. Daredevil 254 would be the one to look for for the first app, people are on this already so prices are rising.
  • According to James Gunn, Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 3 will set up the MCU for the next 10-20 years , are we going to see the Eternals, Darkhawk, Nova et all and is the MCU going to take a more cosmic turn ?

Thats it for me for now , I'm sure there's stuff I've missed (please let me know :-))

Normal programming will be resumed !

Peace people!