Infinity War Peter Parker Iron Spider

Well , we sorta guessed this at the end of homecoming that Peter Parkers new suit is the Iron Spider suit. Built and designed by Tony Stark the suit features extra robotic appendages to compliment the rest of spideys arsenal.

I think we can take this as fact now as the Infinity War range of toys have been released revealing none other than the Iron Spider suit.

The first appearance of this suit in comics is during the Civil War story arc in Amazing Spiderman 529!

This key is not new but I've noticed a dip in prices lately , with a couple of pickups for under £10. This comic has been mainly trending around the £30 - £50 level and I think its about to get a bit of a bump again as the film is released next month. We may also get another trailer highlighting the suit which will push prices up. So if you can find them cheap they're worth a pickup!