Exclusive Store Variants

So we've had a major glut with store exclusive variants lately. We have had a load from Campbell the Gamora's and the Elektra's which have been fair sellers on the secondary market. We've also had the Venom and Ghost Rider Bulletproof Dell' Otto variants which haven't sold so well . The Venoms suffered with serious spine damage down to being poly bagged which didn't do too well for the condition of the comic.

But one set of variants I've noticed being selling 3x and even 4x pre order price is the McGuiness Hulk 1 X-23 Hulk 181 Homage variant, this comic is HOT HOT HOT and comes in a set of 3 a colour , black and white and a Deadpool popcorn variant.

But for me its the colour variant I don't need Deadpool in everything !?!?