Black Panther

So I watched Black Panther this weekend and I thought it was awesome. Different from the rest of the Marvel movies it seriously delivered with great storytelling and breathtaking action scenes. I just loved it and its definitely in my top 5 Marvel films so far....

Now I could go on about Panthers key issues but there were a number of supporting characters of interest in the movie and we know that some of them will be returning in Infinity War. I can see them gaining significant popularity when Thanos takes the battle to Wakanda! I'll discuss 2 of them here.

First one is Shuri, First App is Black Panther 2.

Shuri was brilliant in the film, she's smarter than Tony Stark and for a while she was the Black Panther herself, certainly one to watch this one. Her first App is currently on Ebay for around £10 so a bargain for a character that could play a significant part in the MCU.

The second character is Okoye a ferocious warrior she first appeared in Black Panther 1 ! Similar to Shuri's first appearance this is going for £10-£15 on the bay at the moment and again a bargain as we're also going to see her in Infinity War.

One last comic to mention that if you've seen the film is a very appropriate cover. No first app in this one but this "Negative Space" variant by John Tyler Christopher is getting gaining some serious heat because of events in the movie. Beautiful variant and very limited print run on these, definitely one to watch!

To sum up brilliant movie go and see it!!