Balancing it out with a Winner part 1

Off the back of my last article where I highlighted one of my speculation fails I'm going to even this up with one of my wins!

Back in March 2016 at a Cardiff Comic Con I purchased an NYX 3 for £70

No details of the Logan storyline were available at the time but it was still a very sought after book but worth around £70-80. So what I paid for it.

It was a really nice copy and I thought it would make a good candidate for my first CGC submission , so I sent it off, didn't get it pressed or cleaned. Just wanted to see what would happen.

About 3 months later it came back !

I was super chuffed a 9.8 for my first CGC submission ! I now I had a £200 book. I was happy with my lot! Then over the next few months details started to come through around the Logan film and then it was confirmed that X-23 was in it! NYX 3 tripled in price!

The books now worth about £650 ! So I'll count this as a win , it was pure luck though that X-23 would be in the Logan film but I'll take that!

So it aint all bad but watch out for my next fail!