Lets Talk about Infinity War !

So now that we've all seen the latest trailer lets have a chat and a bit of a speculate around it.

First up the trailer looks brilliant and I can't wait for this film !

The running time for the film will be nearly 3 hours long so there's a lot going on and there's a couple of things I've been pondering. So I thought I'd do a bit of a brain dump.

  • Wakanda features heavily in this film , is it the location of the soul stone ? I'm starting to think not! Shuri seems to be studying the mind stone in Visions forehead. Now from previous trailers we know that Covus Glaive tries to pry the infinity stone out of Visions forehead. Does Captain America take Vision to the one place that is technologically advanced enough to remove it safely from Vision so that they can hide it from Thanos. Or are they just studying it?
  • On the subject of the soul stone Lets talk about that missing infinity stone. There's been a lot of speculation around Iron Man and the arc reactor. In Iron Man 2 Stark created a new element to power his reactor could this be the Soul Stone. If it is they've got a lot of explaining to do. Not sure if I like this theory!
  • Lets talk about Peter Dinkage's role in the film , there have been many rumours. MODOK was one of them which would have been great but most clues are hinting that he'll play Eitri, King of the Dwarves. Eitri is a powerful craftsman who forged the Infinity Gauntlet and and Thors hammer Mjolnir. From the trailer it looks like there's a side mission for Thor joined by Rocket and Groot.I believe this is Thor going to the King of the Dwarves to forge a replacement weapon , the Stormbreaker and from the look of the toys that have been released I think Groot may give part of his body as the Stormbreakers handle. You know who was the other wielder of Stormbreaker , Beta Ray Bill ! I'll scream if he turns up ! But I think thats a long shot!
  • Where's Hawkeye in all this ? We know he's in it and there's been lots of shots of him in Ronin type gear but what happens to make him turn into Ronin?
  • In the new trailer there seems to be a lot of focus on the relationship between Gamora and Thanos , is this significant ? Will Thanos kill Gamora perhaps?
  • We seem to get a lot of scenery that seems to depict an alien planet. If you follow James Gunn on twitter there's been a lot of tweets among the fans that the Celestial The Searcher, who is shown in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 destroying a planet on the Collectors video screens, is destroying Sanctuary, Thanos's home planet. Has Thanos destroyed the Searcher and Spiderman is swinging through the wreckage of the robot Celestial . There's a lot of theories on the web around this and there's no doubt that the Celestials will feature again. They've be brought up as seeds so many times I think they are going to be significant. Something to think about !
  • Its nice to see the Black Order ! We didn't get to see so much of Corvus Glaive Thanos's right hand man or Proxima Midnight but Ebony Maw seems to have Dr Strange in a pickle. I wonder how much we'll get to find out about these characters and their origins.
  • Lets talk about Death. In the comics Thanos does everything to impress his bit of stuff the physical embodiment of Death. Are we going to get the character Death , is it Hela. Haven't seen Kate Blanchett on the confirmed cast list (yet). It'll be interesting to see how they portray Thanos's motivations for wiping out half the universe.
  • Who's going to die? The Russo brothers have confirmed many times that we're going to see some mayor character deaths. But we also know that most characters have been on the set for Avengers 4 and some sort of time travel (Dr Strange Time Stone) is prevalent throughout the movie. So if major characters die are they dead for long ? I would love to see Bucky Barnes take over as Captain America as in the comics and I think this will happen , just not yet. What are they going to do about Robert Downey Jnr's Iron Man.
  • What about those post credit scenes ? Are we going to see some new characters, we know Warlock won't get introduced until Guardians of the Galaxy 3 but are we going to get a Silver Surfer perhaps?

There's loads of things I haven't mentioned here and thanks for reading my ramblings, but what do you guys think is going to happen?

Why not discuss in the comments below.