Is RiRi coming to the MCU

So there ‘s a lot of buzz on the net at the moment that RiRi Williams is coming to the MCU. This is down to a script for Ironheart being well received on the Black List . The Black list is a marketplace that puts scripts in front of major studios.

Invincible Iron Man 7 is jumping in price on Ebay at the moment but take caution as nothing’s official yet , but could we see Ri Ri Williams replacing Iron Man in the MCU,  It would be a bold move by Marvel , who have to replace Robert Downey Jnr at some point.

Invincible Iron Man 7 is the first app of RiRi Willliams there’s multiple printings.
















Theres also a Women of Power Variant which will be the one to get !

And don’t forget issue 9 which is the full app of Ironheart ,market has decided 7 is the key for the most part though !



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  1. Can’t see her replacing Ironman but I can see them going down the Ironheart name route. As in the comic being a young student of Tony Stark. The introduction of Ri-Ri was done right, but her own title was a massive mistake by Marvel, they should have kept her independent as Ironheart IMO

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